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This page is where you customize your trips as per your exact requirements.

Days you have for the tour(*):
Number of Adults travelling with you(*):
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Preferences Gauge General Tours
Historical: Cultural:
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Others (not indicated), please describe:
Special Tours
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Preferred means of travelling Use Land Transport
Use flight wherever available
Mix flight and Land transport
Hotels In Addis
Select your hotel standard while in Addis Ababa
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Tour Guide
Camping with cook
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Gauge your Preferences: Select either the General or the special tours.

If you selected the 'General Tours' option, indicate your interest by assigning a number from 0 to 10 for each tour category. 0= 'Not Interested' while 10= 'Most Interested'.

For 'Special Tours': Expeditions are to the Dalol Depression and Ertale volcano sites.

If 'study' is selected, kindly indicate the subject.

Select your preferred means of travel from the three options provided. The 'mixed' option allows you to fly to some destinations. For others, it gives you the chance to enjoy the enroute attractions at your own pace.

Hotels: Select the level of hotels while in Addis. Outside of Addis there is no other options than selecting the best available, and using camping for most of the time. You may include the services of a qualified cook.

Fields marked with (*) are required. Please do not send the Email until all required fields are filled in correctly.

A DET representative will get back to you with a tour that takes into consideration your particular requirements. Small details may be fine-tunned before the actual booking is confirmed.

Thank You.

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