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Ethiopia is a land where you can experience nature at its finest, devoid of human interference. Almost all Ethiopian tour sites are un tampered, and offer ideal environments for the eco-tourists and nature students.

Total Eco Tourism
The Ethiopian Tour Routes are all eco-friendly, and as such offer the eco-tourists a vast array of opportunities not found anywhere else in Africa. As more and more eco lodges are being built, some of which are of high standard, we believe that serious eco-tourists will find Ethiopia quite rich and attractive.

The Blue Nile, Its Falls and Gorge
If you have ever been in Egypt or read Egyptian history or stories, you will realize how important the nile river is in the Egyptian life, and wished to explore this river wrapped in mystery and controversy. More...

The Rift-Valley Lakes
The Rift-Valley formed a chain of lakes and hot-springs that are habitats for various bird species. These lakes are magnificent to watch, study or camp-by for fishing and out-door living. More...

Students of Nature
The Indigenous Fauna & Flora are fruitful fields, for studying and classifying works. The plants are suitable for academic and medicinal researches. The indigenous plants and animals may be viewed while undertaking mountain trekking. More...

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  • Outdoor Adventures: Our National Parks and Sanctuaries preserve the last alpine topography as well as a number of indigenous plants and animals. Traveling through such natural surroundings is truly joyful.
  • Dalol and Ert'ale Volcano: Volcanologists, nature watchers and outdoor adventure travelers may all study and enjoy the unique natural sceneries of the Dalol and Ertale volcano.
  • Bird Watching: Bird watchers may watch, study and classify birds in their natural habitats. Next to South Africa, Ethiopia offers the largest number of endemic birds.
  • Blue Nile Gorge
    Lake Estifanos
    Lake Chamo
    Lake Wonchi
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